Family lifestyle shoot at home – It’s all about connections.Kuala Lumpur

Lifestyle Photography has actually quite a spectrum to it. You will find in there some very posed photography all the way to pure documentary and everything in between. No matter where on the spectrum , the only thing that I believe lifestyle should have is true connection. The way that this is achieved will be as unique as each photographer and family is.

family lifestyle photography malaysia

With my vision though, I believe affection can be demonstrated in many different ways. People hug but they hug differently, not like I would do it, not like I might suggest to people. We might feel that giving a kiss is a form of affection -of course it is- but perhaps, that’s not the way -or the only way- that affection is being shown within that particular family. Perhaps, affection takes a different form than we might want to see or might expect: by sitting down together and talking, in a look or a smile; Perhaps, it’s by playing, perhaps, it’s something else… Perhaps, it is in a hand that very gently rests on our partner’s back. And maybe there’s no touching involved, who knows?  Whatever form it takes, I find this to be my true role during a shoot, looking for these connections. I really strive to give each family the unique feel of who they are.

family lifestyle photography malaysia

This is often achieved by balancing things: I prepare but remain open and flexible, I get involved, but I let people be. I won’t pose but I will gently guide, I won’t impose but I will suggest, I will invite but won’t force things to happen. In between all of that, life happens, it moves and it smiles, it holds and it laughs and it carries and it chats and it’s wonderful! Like teaching, this new path has given me and continues to give me opportunities to find happiness in: human connections. They are not always obvious, not always easy, but they are fascinating, and worth spending time exploring.

When I asked Lara what it looked like to “live in the moment” in her house, she responded “chaos, ha ha!” and thought to myself “YES!” with a big smile.

When I went over, it really wasn’t chaos at all, it was fun, it was lively, it was guided by their two gorgeous children, and even the grand parents relaxed in the end. It was life. Life As It Is. Gorgeous from beginning to end, because it is who they are, and it’s beautiful as it is.