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A friend recently asked me a very interesting question that went along these lines:

” Would you still take a shot if the light wasn’t good enough but the moment was a significant one? Or would you write it off?”

I read this message and I thought to myself: “Easy! The moment comes first so yes, I’d take the shot! Oh wait, no the light is more important. I think… no… the moment is… The light…? aargh….!”

I guess it’s not that easy or so black and white. I have learnt to move quickly to capture both the moment and a better angle with a better light, or actually make sure people are already in beautiful light when the moments are happening. But moments happen fast, you blink and they are gone. With every shoot, I have learnt to prepare myself and clients a little better so that moment v light is “never” a choice I have to make.

Having said that, I’d like to say that I am not a photo-snob and that I absolutely would love some shots that don’t necessarily have an interesting light in them, because well, the memory of that moment right there and then is worth way more than a beautiful lit scene with no emotion in it -to me that is. I guess it depends with whose eyes you are looking at something. Am I the photographer? the mum? the friend? the observer? A critique?

In any case, this question came in the middle of a project that I took for 100 days on Instagram. The topic was “lumière” { light} and I shall post the photos and a little reflection over it soon. Although the project is over now, I am continuing my quest and my forever pursue of improving and creating beautiful and meaningful images with my clients or for myself.

In the meantime, I am happy to say that this shoot with beautiful Anaayah and gorgeous tiny brother Shayaan had it all, the light and the moments of life, as I love to take them.

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