Call me Caro.

I have a vision of the world that didn’t really come alive until I grabbed my camera and learnt how to use it properly, all by myself, so I could capture it my way. I see life moments and I see light. I see “moments de vie”, life happening and sometimes that means a blur, or a hand reaching out, a daddy looking out of the window, gently rocking their newborn, a book open on the sofa, a touch, a bed not made still ruffled because of the kids bouncing on it in the morning, a mother feeding her baby on a rocking chair that has been in a family for two generations, a cat who follows their owner all around the house…I also see couples holding hands, whispering to each other and laughing about the things only them can hear. I take photos of that kind of life.


If you were to open one of my family photo albums, you’d see: faces laughing but maybe not the entire face, hands, the light that shines in our lounge in the evening and lights up my little baby legs, now walking steadily. Toys everywhere. You’d see photos of me with my children, moments stolen and captured with the camera remote, my hair would be messy because my kids love to cuddle close. You’d see my husband make a cup of coffee, help my girls put on their swimsuits as they run away from the sun lotion ritual. You’d see an image of the 4 of us taken from behind, walking together to our favourite local café -shout out to Artisan Roast– me holding my husband’s hand (there would probably be a close up on the hands), watching our girls walking a bit ahead of us…simple but meaningful moments which I am grateful for, everyday, with my favourite people.


Summed up beautifully in wedding days, life shows it raw nature with the tears, the joys, the stories, the past, the future, close friends, family, good food, the hugs… I crave for images of these raw emotions in intimate weddings that are all about the people. A beautiful decor completes the scenes of an event of a lifetime, but for me it doesn’t count as much as tears rolling down faces during the groom’s speech who has survived cancer, or as a thumb nervously stroking the beloved’s hand, the look of a dad seeing his beautiful daughter, who grew way too fast, in her wedding dress.

If you are considering booking with me, you most probably share, or at least understand the meaning and the ideas behind my vision of  photography.

Take some time to view my portfolios or get in touch , I want to find out your moments de vie, the details, unique to your life and make the images of it all with you. Also make sure you subscribe to my cool newsletter for promotions, travel ideas and tips, funky things that I happen to stumble upon.