Such a beautiful and powerful letter of hope Caroline. I’m so sorry for your struggles but so inspired by your strength to face them and overcome. That seems to be the resounding theme this time around I feel. All the love to you and your girls xxxx

Such powerful compassion in reading this, Caro. I can feel a woman fighting back and taking back control of her life, which has me in utter admiration. I think we can turn off the light on ourselves by letting darkness seep in; so hard to shift when you are small and vulnerable. But you are not now. You have beauty, strength and love around you – I hope you’ll be able to just find peace too soon. XXX

This is absolutely breathtaking. Such a beautiful read and I really love your work!

I admire your honesty and your vulnerability which is a strength in itself, I believe it’s so important to tell our stories and I love the way you express yours. Beautiful raw honesty. There’s so much power in that.

I feel the strength in your words is as powerful as your resolve to push past and break trough these feelings whenever they next reappear Caro! You are a brave woman for facing your fears, sharing them and conquering them. Funny that I also come from a broken family, perhaps in a different way, but have also ended up wanting to show other families how much love there truly is, you just have to want it, see it, and as you say most importantly, give it. xx

THIS! Your courage in overcoming such adversity is such an inspiration to not only myself, but for others who read this as well. I see the silver linings you’ve painted so beautifully here, in your art and words, I see the gentle, loving, understanding mother you have become. Not any easy journey by any means, but one that matters. Thank you for sharing a piece of you soul. Much love Caro, and well done.

Dear Caro,
If you are right in front of me at this moment, I will give you a big hug. I won’t tell you that everything is going to be ok in the end because no one really knows for sure. You are one strong mama and I adore you for your honesty. Take care, my friend.

I am moved by your vulnerability and words here, my friend. I have several friends who battled postpartum depression (and see it often in my career as a OB nurse), and it’s not always cut and dry like you so eloquently put. It’s happiness and sadness all in one. It’s fear, morbid thoughts. It NEEDS to be talked about more so it’s not such a hush hush thing, as it’s more common than people think. I can sense your absolute love for your family, you are truly beautiful. <3


some love